The Deal Jacket: What’s In It?

Our staff at your pre-owned car dealer in Maine prides itself on being completely honest and open with our customers 100% of the time. That is why we are glad to provide you with our complimentary Deal Jacket as a demonstration of our dedication. The Deal Jacket gives you all of the information that you need to make the right choice for your driving life. We believe that our customers should always have the facts they need about the various pre-owned models in our inventory so that they have the confidence to make the best choice. That mission is accomplished, thanks to the incredible Deal Jacket from Wiscasset Ford. The professionals at your Maine used car dealer have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the pre-owned car model you have always wanted.

So what exactly is the Deal Jacket? It is your comprehensive dossier to every single used car model in our extensive inventory. It contains reports, information, backgrounds, facts, and a whole lot more. The dossier includes:

– A CARFAX™ history report. This is an in-depth report that goes over your potential vehicle’s previous owners, any past damages, the numbers of repairs that have been made, etc.

– A CARFAX™ market value report. This report will inform you about the price of your prospective pre-owned car, truck, or SUV model on today’s market.

– NADA retail suggested pricing. This report comes straight from the National Automobile Dealers Association and tells you what the NADA recommends your pre-owned car model be priced at. Make sure that you ask the team at your pre-owned car dealer in Maine for more information about this.

– Kelley Blue Book® suggested purchase price. This report is from the experts at Kelley Blue Book® and is your guide on what price you should ask for when purchasing your next vehicle.

– A full repair order of maintenance performed by our OEM-certified and factory-trained service technicians. This is to guarantee you have complete peace of mind that your pre-owned vehicle is in optimal condition and that our experienced service department has resolved all of its issues.


We only use one price at Wiscasset Ford, and we are constantly analyzing the market and our competition. Our elite customer service process would not be effective if we are not at or below the competition’s price. The staff at your Maine used car dealer is ecstatic to say that we do not charge dealer fees, documentation, or preparation fees. This helps our prices remain low and fair to you, the customer. So why wait? Stop by your pre-owned car dealer in Maine, go through your complimentary Deal Jacket and find the used car model that will transform the way you drive today!

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