No Dealer Fees Guaranteed

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No Fee Dealership

Buying a new car should be a fun and exciting experience. With your hard-earned money at stake, your enthusiasm may quickly fade if your experience at the dealership doesn’t go smoothly. As you or someone you know have probably encountered in the past, fees at closing are one of the main culprits for turning a good car buying experience into a bad one. Fortunately, there’s a very simple solution to this problem – stop charging fees. So that’s just what we did atWiscasset Ford, your local Ford dealer in Maine. With no dealer fees, we guarantee one true price so you can accurately budget for the future without any unexpected costs at closing. Oh, and save hundreds of dollars!

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No Dealer Fees

When you search for a dealership in Wiscasset to buy your next car, you can rest easy knowing our NO Dealer Fees guarantee is in place. While other Maine dealers may charge hundreds of dollars in fees after you already agreed upon a price, our mentality ensures the price we agree upon is the price you’ll pay.

While other dealers will disguise their fees as dealership fees, paperwork fees or some other gimmick to try to get you to agree to pay, the only things you’ll have to think about atWiscasset Ford, your Maine Ford dealer are tax and title.


Experience a Better Way to Buy a Car

Perhaps bad dealership experiences have left you feeling skeptical about our no fee promise, but we encourage you to stop by the lot and see what we’re all about. By providing transparency throughout the car buying experience, we will have open and honest conversations with you to help you and your family find the vehicle that best meets the demands of your life. Let us work together to simplify the car buying process. VisitWiscasset Ford, your local Ford dealer in Maine, browse our inventory, and let our no fee dealership do the talking for us.


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